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Rejuvenate and revitalise

Combat the stresses of modern life, reduce the overwhelm, and take time for yourself.

Reiki is a little bit of modern day magic, that helps you unwind, calms your mind, and helps you de-stress.

In-person treatments available in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt. Distant/remote sessions available worldwide!


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Hi, I’m Clare and I’m a certified Reiki Master and crystal therapist based near Frankfurt.

I set up Reiki Blossom to help you re-energise and rejuvenate. You deserve to feel happy and content.

I’ve been practising Reiki for more than a decade and I use it daily to stay calm, centred and focused.

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” The treatment was magical! Although I didn’t sleep, I felt like I had slept! Thank you so much! “


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on technique that originated in Japan.

The word Reiki means universal life force energy.

As a Reiki Master, I direct this energy via my hands during a treatment.

Let wonderful Reiki re-balance your body and your mind.

Reiki never causes any pain or harm, and can help in so many ways.


  • Soothes and comforts
  • Relieves pain
  • Aids relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Balances the mind and body
  • Releases emotional trauma

Sessions to suit you

I offer in-person or remote treatments. My in-person sessions take place at a serene location in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt.

Distant or remote sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to be in the same room, or even the same country as me.

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Log of The Future Edit podcast


Hear me talk all things Reiki on The Future Edit podcast – click on the logo to listen.


** In-person treatments now available in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt

Distant treatments available worldwide **

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” Clare is an absolutely brilliant Reiki Master.

I had the most beautiful Reiki experience. “


Start your journey to wellbeing

Are you ready to feel great again?

Happiness is our natural state of being and it’s great when we feel that way, but sometimes it can be a struggle to get back there.

The stresses of modern life can drag you down, but Reiki can help restore you to your natural state.

Get in touch to book a session and see how Reiki can rock your world.

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Distant Reiki treatments available worldwide.

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