Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT therapy, could be the key to freeing you from any blocks that are holding you back in life.

Maybe you’ve suffered a trauma that has affected you long-term, or perhaps you have a limiting belief or mindset. Do you have a phobia or addiction that is stopping you from progressing? Or maybe you have a craving or physical issue you just can’t seem to get rid of.

Free yourself from these issues with EFT therapy. You might not even be aware of what the issue, or even the root cause of what the issue may be. The great thing is that EFT can help uncover that too.

How does EFT therapy work?

EFT therapy rebalances the body’s system. It’s an energetic therapy that changes the vibration in your body. If energy becomes stuck anywhere around our body, it can cause both emotional and physical issues. It can also help you to think differently about a situation or issue.

This simple technique is also known as ‘tapping’. It works by gently tapping gently with your fingers on acupressure points on your head, face and upper torso. As you tap, you repeat phrases and affirmations I create for you that are specifically tailored to your issue.

By tapping on acupressure points with EFT therapy and relieving these blockages, you can finally move forward. 

Would you like to free yourself from what’s holding you back so you can live life to the full? Book your session now.

EFT practitioner tapping on hands during Emotional Freedom Techinque treatment - Reiki Blossom
EFT spelled out with a series of wooden letters - Emotional Freedom Technique - Reiki Blossom

EFT can help release…


Experienced in childhood or as an adult (or both!). Often we don’t recognise traumas.

Anxiety or fear

You may be anxious about something, such as speaking in public, or a fear of some kind.


Grief is difficult. EFT can help release some pain so you can focus on the good memories.

Relationship break-ups

The end of a relationship (romantic or otherwise) can be traumatic and stressful.

Limiting beliefs / mindsets

Limiting beliefs or thoughts about yourself can hamper your personal or professional life.

Cravings / addictions

Is a craving or an addiction controlling your life? EFT can alleviate these for you.

Emotional issues

Depression, anger, jealousy or other emotional issues can cloud your judgement.


Is an irrational fear holding you back? EFT can release this and move forward.

Physical issues

EFT can ease physical issues, pain pr injuries that have been bothering you.

Remote EFT therapy

 I’m offering 60-minute remote sessions via Zoom to support you. During the session we will:

  • Discuss and deep-dive into your specific issue.
  • Tap through the issue using phrases that I tailor to suit your individual needs.
  • Further support is available and I offer ways you can utilise tapping in your life.


Book your session


Treatments are available on weekdays and select Saturday afternoons. If you’d prefer a Saturday afternoon, please tell me on the booking form below.

Simply fill in your preferred day, date and time on the contact form below and I’ll send you an invoice. Please note you must book at least 72 hours in advance of your preferred date/time.

If you’re unavailable for your session it can be re-scheduled, but you must let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to change your booking.

Get in touch – I can’t wait to support you with EFT x

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EFT spelled out on wooden letters - Reiki Blossom

“I recently had a series of EFT sessions focusing on childhood trauma. I can’t express enough how positive and transformative the experience has been.

After each session, I experienced a remarkable shift in my mood. EFT provided me with valuable insights into the root of my thoughts and reactions.

Clare listened attentively, and gently guided me through each session with professionalism and warmth.


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