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Pamper your pet


Do you love to pamper your pets? Well now you can with a Reiki for Pets treatment! It’s not just for humans – Reiki can help fluffy family members too.

Our pets are our best friends but sometimes they need a little bit of extra love. And a Reiki for Pets treatment is the perfect way to give them that.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, even larger animals like horses, can benefit. I often send distant Reiki to poorly pets – I don’t like to think of any animal suffering.

Reiki relaxes animals


Animals really love the gentle energy – they often fall asleep. I’ve even known human clients’ pets to sidle up to them during their own Reiki session and share the energy. They lap it up – they can sense it flowing.

My Reiki for Pets sessions are 30-minute remote sessions that deeply relax your pet. It will help calm them if they’re nervous, ease any pain, help recovery after surgery, or even ease depression if they’ve lost a friend.


A black and white cat, a black Cocker Spaniel and a guinea pig Reiki for Pets - Reiki Blossom

Benefits of Reiki for Pets

Aids relaxation

Reiki therapy is deeply relaxing. Your pet will probably fall asleep during a treatment!

Reduces anxiety

If your pet is nervous or anxious, Reiki will help calm them.

Eases bereavement

Has your pet has recently lost a family member or a fluffy friend? Reiki can ease their depression.

Helps healing after surgery

A Reiki for Pets treatment can aid healing post surgery and can even boost medication.

Soothes pain

Does your pet has a chronic condition such as arthritis? Reiki can ease the pain.

Alleviates allergies

A Reiki treatment can bring your pet much-needed relief from allergy symptoms.

A remote Reiki for Pets session


This tiny treat is perfect for fluffy family members. Each session includes:

  • A short phone call (a WhatsApp call if you’re outside Germany) prior to the session to help you prepare.
  • A 30-minute distant/remote Reiki treatment for your pet.
  • A short phone call (a WhatsApp call if you’re outside Germany) after the session.


** Only remote Reiki for Pets sessions are available due to global pandemic

Distant Reiki for Pets sessions are available worldwide **

Book your session


Treatments are available Tuesday to Thursday at the following times:


9am    9:45am     10:30am     11:15am    15:00     15:45     16:30    CET   (Central European Time)*


*If you’re in the UK, you’re an hour behind these times, so please bear that in mind when booking.

A limited number of Saturday slots are available, if you’d prefer one of those, tell me in the form below.

Simply fill in your preferred day, date and time on the contact form below and I’ll send you an invoice. Please note you must book at least 48 hours in advance of your preferred date/time.

Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not possible. If you’re unavailable for your session it can be re-scheduled, but you must let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to change your booking.

Get in touch – I can’t wait to share Reiki with your pet! x

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“When my guinea pig Jimmy was sick, Clare sent him distant Reiki.

I could definitely see something happening. It seemed like he was more relaxed and in less pain. Even in hospital, the doctor noticed Jimmy relaxing.

Clare is a wonderful, loving person and her Reiki is a reflection of her. Thank you so much Clare.”


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